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Advanced Engineering Simulation & Design Services

Vivid Numerics specialized in 3D analysis of fluid and mechanical systems using the advanced simulation software ANSYS. With these tools Vivid Numerics engineers are able to solve almost all mechanical, fluid, kinematic, thermal or coupled problems that you can bring forward. Below is a condensed list of the capabilities that we have. Feel free to take a look in our example, galleries and videos section for a brief overview of some of the projects we have worked on.
Structural Mechanics (FEA)
• Structural and Thermal analyses
• Modal and Harmonic analyses
• Transient and Steady State analyses
• Linear and Non Linear Buckling analyses
• Large deflections
• Frictional and Non linear contacts
• Linear and Non Linear material models
• 2D and 3D simulations
Multiphysics (FSI)
• Structural, Thermal and Fluid 1 way and 2 way analyses
• Transient and Steady State analyses
• Full 3D Fluid analysis or simplified 1D Fluid analysis coupled to structural domains
Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
• Compressible and Incompressible flow
• Transient and Steady State Flow
• Laminar and Turbulent Flow
• Multicomponent and Multiphase Flow
• Conjugate Heat Transfer Models
• Rotating and Moving Domains
• Bouyant and Free Surface Flows
• Porous Media Flows
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