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Advanced Engineering Simulation & Design Services

Vivid Numerics is partnered with Area 51 Machine Design (Based in Calgary, Alberta) to support all of our clients with design and machining services. Area 51 engineers are well known to be some of the best in machine design, advanced machining services and prototyping. Through Area 51, Vivid Numerics can supply you with prototypes and final machined parts of all of your components analyzed through Vivid Numerics.

Our abilities coupled with our available software allow us to meet many mechanical design needs for companies in all industries. CAD models from virtually any software package can be transferred to our simulation software at any time if simulations are deemed to be required later.

Design & CAD Capabilities
  • 3D model generation
  • Model cleanup
  • Drawing package creation
  • Parametric/Direct Modeling
  • Casting
  • COG analysis
  • Lifting design
  • Beam and frame design
  • Machining Services
  • Machine Design
  • Prototyping/3D printing
  • Gear/Gear Box Design
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