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Approximate Error Spline (AES) Method for Grid Convergence Error Estimate

Many times it is difficult to determine if your simulation is grid independent. This is especially the case if your are seeing oscillatory convergence. The AES method has been found to provide better estimates of the grid convergence error than the usual Richardson Extrapolation technique. This method was developed by Celik et. al. The papers that were used to develop the excel program are:Celik, I.,
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Adding Thermal Boundary Conditions in a Structural Analysis in ANSYS

Thermal boundary conditions are sometime needed in a ANSYS structural analysis. An example of a time when this is required is when an FSI analysis is being setup using ANSYS and CFX where stresses in the structural components due to applied loads and thermal loads are important. The following command snippet can be put into a ANSYS structural analysis to apply thermal loads (assuming that the element
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